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Background Checks: Stay Legal. Hire Smart.

Strict laws and an extremely vigilant EEOC have made the process of protecting your company -- and making great hires -- more complex and risky than ever. Use this list of "dos" and "don'ts" to conduct effective, compliant criminal background checks.

In the Know: 2017 Employment Law Updates

When the calendar flips, will your company be ready for these important changes? Make sure these issues are on your radar.

Paid Parental Leave? It's a Game-Changer for Your Business

Paid parental leave is more than a "nice perk"; it's an essential tool for creating competitive advantage. Here's what's on the legal horizon -- and why a generous leave policy is great for your business.

Sexual Harassment: Minimize Your Legal Risk

Sexual harassment is painfully common, but it can be hard to stop, especially if victims are afraid to report it. Know the law and learn the best ways to spot, stop and ultimately prevent this type of workplace discrimination.

Pay. Protection. Privacy. 8 Employment Law Issues You NEED to Know

Employment law changes on a dime. Stay safe, compliant and competitive by making sure these top trends and legal updates are on your company's radar.

Cannabis Controversy -- Get the Facts

Does the Americans with Disabilities Act protect medical marijuana users? This fact-filled article clears the haze around this contentious issue. 

ACA: Sweet Dreams or Nightmares in 2016?

ACA: Sweet Dreams or Nightmares in 2016?

2015 ACA Changes: Are you on Top of Your Game?

Whether your company is large or small, it's essential to know how the latest Affordable Care Act (ACA) reforms will impact your company - and how your staffing partner can help you manage these changes.

Getting Away with it: What you can and can't do when firing

In this article, we'll look at the rules for firing at-will employees and what your company can do to protect itself from charges of firing discrimination.

To Check or Not to Check? Straight Talk about EEOC Guidelines for Conducting Criminal Background Checks

While background checks may seem to be a valuable tool for spotting resume fraud or heading off negligent hiring claims, they can also land a company in hot water if an applicant claims the company used its criminal background check policy to discriminate unfairly. The EEOC recently released a warning that it would vigorously prosecute claims of discrimination based on background checks. With the risk of a negligent hiring suit on one side and the risk of a discrimination suit on the other, how can a company stay in compliance?

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